My primary teaching interests are in comparative institutions (formal and informal), the politics of developing countries, nationalism and ethnic politics, research methods (qualitative and quantitative), and politics of the post-Soviet states. I have been named to the University of Illinois' "List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent" three times.

Student reviews and syllabi for all courses available upon request

Iowa State University


Spring, Summer, and Fall 2020              Introduction to Comparative Governments and Politics                  Spring 2020                                               Caravans, Cages, and Coyotes: An Introduction to the US                                                                                   Immigration Debate

Spring 2020, Spring 2021                        Environmental Politics and Policies 

Fall 2019                                                    Politics of Developing Areas

Fall 2019, Fall 2020​                                  Religion and Politics

Fall 2019, Spring and Summer 2021     Immigration Policy

Spring 2021                                               Politics of the Middle East 

Summer 2021                                           Public Policy

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Spring 2019                                Introduction to US Government and Politics

Spring 2016                                Introduction to Political Science (Intensive, 8 week course)

Fall 2015                                     Introduction to Political Science

Summer 2013                            Introduction to Comparative Politics


Teaching Assistant

Spring 2018                               US Racial and Ethnic Politics

Fall 2010, Fall 2011                  Introduction to Comparative Politics

Guest Lecturer

Fall 2017, Spring 2017            Qualitative Methods in Comparative Politics-Fieldwork,Focus                                                                           Groups, Interviewing Techniques, and the IRB Process

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